Abigail Twitterfield to Honest Doctor JANUS

To assert, That because Posterity is a Blessing, therefore those who want it are cursed, is a meer Platonick Dream. Honest Doctor JANUS, Seeing you have ever manifested a Readiness to assist the fair Sex as there has been Occasion, we flatter our selves that what we have now to offer, will by your next Paper be convey’d …

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Timothy Wagstaff to Old Master JANUS


Quo semel est imbuta recens, servabit odorem Testa diu. To old Master JANUS. Sir, The extravagant Notions which some Men entertain from the Influence of Education and Custom, may be thought worth Notice in your Paper, if we consider only, that the Sufferings of its late Publisher were owing in a great measure to his carrying …

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High Tide in Boston

Boston, March 4. On Lord’s Day, the 24th past, we were surprized with the extraordinary Heighth of the Tide, which fill’d most of the Streets as well as Cellars near the Water, insomuch that many People living in Drawbridge-Street, Union-Street, and some other Places, were carry’d to their Houses in Canooes, after the Morning Service was …

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On Titles of Honour


Mero meridie si dixerit illi tenebras esse, credit. There is nothing in which Mankind reproach themselves more than in their Diversity of Opinions. Every Man sets himself above another in his own Opinion, and there are not two Men in the World whose Sentiments are alike in every thing. Hence it comes to pass, that …

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To “Your Honour”

  Defense of James Franklin to Samuel Sewall SIR, I am inform’d that your Honour was a leading Man in the late Extraordinary procedure against F —— n the Printer: And inasmuch as it cannot be long before you must appear at Christ‘s enlightned Tribunal, where every Man’s work shall be tryed, I humbly beseech you, in the …

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