Articles of Beliefs and Acts of Religion

IN TWO PARTS. Here will I hold —— If there is a Pow’r above us (And that there is, all Nature cries aloud, Thro’ all her Works), He must delight in Virtue And that which he delights in must be Happy. Cato. PART I. Philada. Nov. 20 1728. First Principles I believe there is one …

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The Busy-Body, No. 8


Quid non mortalia Pectora cogis Auri sacra Fames! Virgil. One of the greatest Pleasures an Author can have is certainly the Hearing his Works applauded. The hiding from the World our Names while we publish our Thoughts, is so absolutely necessary to this Self-Gratification, that I hope my Well-wishers will congratulate me on my Escape …

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The Busy-Body, No. 5

Vos, O Patricius sanguis, quos vivere fas est Occipiti caeco, posticae occurrite sannae. Persius. This Paper being design’d for a Terror to Evil-Doers, as well as a Praise to them that do well, I am lifted up with secret Joy to find that my Undertaking is approved, and encourag’d by the Just and Good, and …

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The Busy-Body, No. 4


Nequid nimis. In my first Paper I invited the Learned and the Ingenious to join with me in this Undertaking; and I now repeat that Invitation. I would have such Gentlemen take this Opportunity, (by trying their Talent in Writing) of diverting themselves and their Friends, and improving the Taste of the Town. And because …

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The Busy-Body, No. 3

Non vultus instantis Tyranni Mente quatit solida — neque Auster Dux inquieti turbidus Adriae, Nec fulminantis magna Jovis manus. Hor. It is said that the Persians in their ancient Constitution, had publick Schools in which Virtue was taught as a Liberal Art or Science; and it is certainly of more Consequence to a Man that …

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