Replies by “Betty Diligent” and “Mercator”

As a Nail sticketh fast between the Joinings of the Stones, so doth Sin stick close between Buying and Selling. Apocrypha. We have received the two following Letters, relating to our Gazette of the 19th past. The first is from a Shopkeeper, and the other from a Merchant. To the Author of the GAZETTE. SIR, …

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Lying Shopkeepers


Veritas Luce clarior. A Friend of mine was the other Day cheapening some Trifles at a Shopkeepers, and after a few Words, they agreed on a Price; at the lapping up this Purchase, the Mistress of the Shop told him, People were grown very hard, for she actually lost by every thing she sold: How …

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The Earliest New-England Immigrants

Sometime since, the following Lines were found stuck on the outside of the Door of the Council Chamber. Our Fathers pass’d the wide Atlantick Sea, And bless’d themselves when in the Desert Free: And shall their Sons thro’ Treachery and Fear, Give up that Freedom which has cost so dear? Whate’er Pretence our Enemies may …

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The Aurora Borealis


Last Thursday Evening there was seen throughout this Province in the N. East, a very bright Appearance of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Twilight. It seems this kind of Meteor never appears near the Equator, and has therefore obtained the above Name. In 1716, March 6. there was one visible to the West of Ireland, …

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A Witch Trial at Mount Holly

Burlington, Oct. 12. Saturday last [October 7?] at Mount-Holly, about 8 Miles from this Place, near 300 People were gathered together to see an Experiment or two tried on some Persons accused of Witchcraft. It seems the Accused had been charged with making their Neighbours Sheep dance in an uncommon Manner, and with causing Hogs …

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