Fighting Bucks

We hear from Hopewell in the Jerseys, that on the 4th past, two Bucks were observed fighting near the new Meeting House there; one of them extraordinary large, supposed to be a Roe-buck; the other small and of the common sort. In company with them was a black Doe, who stood by to see the …

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George is as good as de best


We are credibly inform’d, that the young Woman who not long since petitioned the Governor, and the Assembly to be divorced from her Husband, and at times industriously solicited most of the Magistrates on that Account, has at last concluded to cohabit with him again. It is said the Report of the Physicians (who in …

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A certain C-n-table

Sure some unauspicious cross-grain’d Planet, in Opposition to Venus, presides over the Affairs of Love about this Time. For we hear, that on Tuesday last, a certain C-n-table having made an Agreement with a neighbouring Female, to Watch with her that Night; she promised to leave a Window open for him to come in at; …

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The Molasses Bill


By way of Boston there is Advice, That a Bill for prohibiting the Importation of Rum, Sugar and Mellasses from the French and Dutch Plantations into the Northern Colonies in America, has pass’d both Houses of Parliament, pursuant to a Petition from the Island of Barbadoes. What Effect this will have, as to raising or …

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A certain St-n-c-tt-r

Friday Night last, a certain St-n-c-tt-r was, it seems, in a fair way of dying the Death of a Nobleman; for being caught Napping with another Man’s Wife, the injur’d Husband took the Advantage of his being so fast asleep, and with a Knife began very diligently to cut off his Head. But the Instrument …

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