Last Monday se’nnight in the Evening, three Men went into the Indian Prince Tavern, and having call’d for some Liquor, one of them offer’d a new Twenty Shilling Bill to be chang’d for the Reckoning; Mr. R. Brockden, Master of the House, suspecting it to be a Counterfeit, went with it immediately to A. Hamilton, …

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Death of a Drunk


Last Monday Morning a Woman who had been long given to excessive Drinking, was found dead in a Room by her self, upon the Floor. She could not be persuaded to go to Bed the Night before, but would sit up alone, as was her frequent Custom. The Coroners Inquest ascribe her Death to the …

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Men are Naturally Benevolent as Well as Selfish

To the Printer of the GAZETTE. SIR, It is the Opinion of some People, that Man is a Creature altogether selfish, and that all our Actions have at Bottom a View to private Interest; If we do good to others, it is, say they, because there is a certain Pleasure attending virtuous Actions. But how …

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Alice Addertongue


Mr. Gazetteer, I was highly pleased with your last Week’s Paper upon SCANDAL, as the uncommon Doctrine therein preach’d is agreeable both to my Principles and Practice, and as it was published very seasonably to reprove the Impertinence of a Writer in the foregoing Thursdays Mercury, who at the Conclusion of one of his silly …

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On Censure or Backbiting

Impia sub dulci melle venena latent. Ovid. Naturam expellas furca licet, usq; recurret. Hor. There is scarce any one Thing so generally spoke against, and at the same time so universally practis’d, as Censure or Backbiting. All Divines have condemn’d it, all Religions have forbid it, all Writers of Morality have endeavour’d to discountenance it, …

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