Upon the Talents Requisite in an Almanack-Writer

To the Author of the Pennsylvania Gazette. SIR, As I am a great Lover of all Works of Ingenuity, and the Authors of them, so more especially am I a great Reader and Admirer of those Labours of the Learned, called ALMANACKS. As I am a considerable Proficient in this Sort of Learning; and as at this time …

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Captain Farra


The same Day arrived Capt.Farra, who has long been given over for lost. In his Voyage from Jamaica hither, he was cast away in Palachee Bay within Cape Florida, among the Cannibal Indians, who were extreamly kind and assisted in saving the Cargo, Rigging, &c.;And News of the Wreck coming to Augustine, the Spaniards sent …

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To Edward Winslow, Esq, Sheriff of Suffolk County

Boston, March 26, 1737 I now in the behalf of my self and others who assembled as a Mob assure you, That we have done what we think proper; and are of the Opinion, that you had as goods be still & silent, and let alone your Drums and Guns, for we had no Design …

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The Drinker’s Dictionary


Nothing more like a Fool than a drunken Man. Poor Richard. ‘Tis an old Remark, that Vice always endeavours to assume the Appearance of Virtue: Thus Covetousness calls itself Prudence; Prodigality would be thought Generosity; and so of others. This perhaps arises hence, that Mankind naturally and universally approve Virtue in their Hearts, and detest Vice; and …

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Too Severe Upon Hobbes

To James Logan Having read the Chapter on Moral Good or Virtue, with all the Attention I am Capable of, amidst the many little Cares that Continually infest me, I shall, as the Author Condescends to desire, give my Opinion of it, and that with all Sincerity and Freedom, neither apprehending the Imputation of Flattery …

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