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Captain Farra

The same Day arrived Capt.Farra, who has long been given over for lost. In his Voyage from Jamaica hither, he was cast away in Palachee Bay within Cape Florida, among the Cannibal Indians, who were extreamly kind and assisted in saving the Cargo, Rigging, &c.;And News of the Wreck coming to Augustine, the Spaniards sent Periagua’s and other small Vessels round to take in what was sav’d, and bring it to that Port; where Capt. Farra hir’d a Rhode-Island Sloop to bring it hither. Had this English Vessel been forc’d ashore on the civil, polite, hospitable, christian, protestant Coast of Great-Britain, Query, Might they have expected kinder Treatment from their own Countrymen?

The Pennsylvania Gazette, June 2, 1737

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