Statement of Editorial Policy

It is a Principle among Printers, that when Truth has fair Play, it will always prevail over Falshood; therefore, though they have an undoubted Property in their own Press, yet they willingly allow, that any one is entitled to the Use of it, who thinks it necessary to offer his Sentiments on disputable Points to …

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Religious Mood in Pennsylvania


During the Session of the Presbyterian Synod, which began on the 28th of the last Month, and continued to the third of this Instant, there were no less than 14 Sermons preached on Society-Hill to large Audiences, by the Rev. Messrs. the Tennents, Mr.Davenport, Mr. Rowland and Mr. Blair, besides what were deliver’d at thePresbyterian and Baptist Meetings, and Expoundings and Exhortations in …

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Obadiah Plainman to Tom Trueman

To TOM TRUEMAN. Dear Tommy, Tho’ there are two Letters addressed to me, one in the Gazette, and the other in theMercury; yet, from the near Conformity they bear to one another in Sentiment, Reasoning, and Similes, I am apt to conclude they were wrote by the same Hand, Or, if by different Persons, that they …

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Obadiah Plainman Defends the Meaner Sort


To the Author of the Letter in the last Pennsylvania Gazette. SIR, On my first hearing of the Outcry that was raised against the Paragraph, that related to the shutting up of the Concert Room, &c. I immediately called for the Gazette; but, tho’ I read the Article over and over with the greatest Attention, I was not able …

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