The Obituary of Andrew Hamilton

On the 4th Instant, died ANDREW HAMILTON, Esq; and was the next Day inter’d atBush-Hill, his Country Seat. His Corps was attended to the Grave by a great Number of his Friends, deeply affected with their own, but more with their Country’s Loss. He lived not without Enemies: For, as he was himself open and …

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I Sing My Plain Country Joan


Poor RICHARD’s Description of his Country WIFE JOAN. A SONG — TUNE, The Hounds are all out 1. Of their Chloes and Phyllises Poets may prate, I will sing my plain COUNTRY JOAN; Twice twelve Years my Wife, still the Joy of my Life: Bless’d Day that I made her my own, My dear Friends. …

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Letter from Theophilus, Relating to the Divine Prescience

To the Author of the GENERAL MAGAZINE. SIR, There is a Question in the Schools, and I think generally resolved in the Affirmative; Whether God concurs with all human Actions or not? That is, Whether he be the principal efficient Cause of every Action we produce? This Question, I say, is generally resolved in the …

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Essay on Paper Currency


Proposing a New Method for Fixing Its Value To the Author of the GENERAL MAGAZINE. It appears by the Resolutions of the Honourable the House of Commons of Great Britain, that it is their Opinion, that the Issuing Paper Currencies in the American Colonies hath been prejudicial to the Trade of Great Britain, by causing …

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