The Necessity of Self-Defence

Mr. FRANKLIN, The absolute and obvious Necessity of Self-Defence, in the present Conjuncture, occasioned me to consider attentively several Passages in the New Testament, from whence some have endeavoured to shew the Unlawfulness of Christians bearing Arms on any Account, wherein I had made a small Progress before hearing Mr. Tennent‘s Sermon last Thursday on that Occasion, which is …

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The SPEECH of Miss Polly Baker


The SPEECH of Miss Polly Baker, before a Court of Judicature, at Connecticut in New England, where she was prosecuted the fifth Time for having a Bastard Child; which influenced the Court to dispense with her Punishment, and induced one of her Judges to marry her the next Day. May it please the Honourable Bench …

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Verses on the Virginia Capitol Fire

Mr. Printer, It may entertain the curious and learned Part of your Subscribers, if you give them the following genuine Speech and Address, which, for the Importance of the Subject, Grandeur of Sentiment, and Elegance of Expression, perhaps exceed Any they have hitherto seen. For the Benefit of more common Readers, I have turn’d them, …

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Whitefield’s Accounts


Extract of a Letter from the Reverend Mr. Smith, of Charles-Town, South-Carolina,dated March 2. 1746-7. “Mr. WHITEFIELD’s excellent Parts, fine Elocution, and masterly Address; His admirable Talent of opening the Scriptures, and enforcing the most weighty Subjects upon the Conscience; His polite and serious Behaviour; His unaffected and superior Piety; His Prudence, Humility, and Catholick Spirit, are Things which …

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