Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind, Peopling of Countries, &c.

1. Tables of the Proportion of Marriages to Births, of Deaths to Births, of Marriages to the Numbers of Inhabitants, &c. form’d on Observations made upon the Bills of Mortality, Christnings, &c. of populous Cities, will not suit Countries; nor will Tables form’d on Observations made on full settled old Countries, as Europe, suit new …

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Appeal for the Hospital


Post obitum benefacta manent, aeternaque Virtus Non metuit Stygiis, nec rapiatur Aquis. I was sick, and ye visited me. Matth. xxv. Among all the innumerable Species of Animals which inhabit the Air, Earth and Water, so exceedingly different in their Production, their Properties, and the Manner of their Existence, and so varied in Form, that …

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Rattle-Snakes for Felons

To the Printers of the Gazette. By a Passage in one of your late Papers, I understand that the Government at home will not suffer our mistaken Assemblies to make any Law for preventing or discouraging the Importation of Convicts from Great Britain, for this kind Reason, `That such Laws are against the Publick Utility, …

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On the Transportation of Felons to the Colonies


On Transported Felons From Virginia we hear, that six Convicts, who were transported for fourteen Years, and shipp’d at Liverpool, rose at Sea, shot the Captain, overcame and confin’d the Seamen, and kept Possession of the Vessel 19 Days; that coming in Sight of Cape Hatteras, they hoisted out the Boat to go on shore; …

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Course of Experiments

Philadelphia, April 11, 1751. Notice is hereby given to the CURIOUS, That on Wednesday next, Mr. Kinnersley proposes to begin a Course of Experiments on the newly-discovered ELECTRICAL FIRE, containing not only the most curious of those that have been made and published in Europe, but a considerable Number of new Ones lately made in …

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