A Parable on Brotherly Love

1 In those days there was no Worker of Iron in all the Land, And the Merchants of Midian passed by with their Camels, bearing Spices, and Myrrh, and Balm, and Wares of Iron. And Reuben bought an Ax from the Ishmaelite Merchants, which he prized highly, for there were none in his Father’s house. …

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A Parable Against Persecution


CHAP. XXVII 1. And it came to pass after these Things, that Abraham sat in the Door of his Tent, about the going down of the Sun. 2. And behold a Man, bowed with Age, came from the Way of the Wilderness, leaning on a Staff. 3. And Abraham arose and met him, and said …

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A Dialogue Between X, Y, and Z, Concerning the Present State of Affairs in Pennsylvania

X. Your Servant, Gentlemen; I am glad to see you at my House. Is there any thing new To-day? Y. We have been talking of the Militia Act; have you seen it? X. Yes; I have read it in the Papers. Z. And what do you think of it? X. The more I consider it, …

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The Quantity of Human Ignorance


To William Shipley Philada. Nov. 27. 1755. I have just received your very obliging Favour of the 13th. September last; and as this Ship sails immediately, have little more time than to thank you cordially for communicating to me the Papers relating to your most laudable Undertaking, and to assure you, that I should esteem …

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Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication

To Catharine Ray Dear Katy Philadelphia Oct. 16. 1755 Your Favour of the 28th of June came to hand but the 28th of September, just 3 Months after it was written. I had, two Weeks before, wrote you a long Chat, and sent it to the Care of your Brother Ward. I hear you are …

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