Electric Shocks in Paralytic Cases

To John Pringle Sir Dec. 21. 1757 The following is what I can at present recollect, relating to the Effects of Electricity in Paralytic Cases, which have fallen under my Observation. Some Years since, when the News papers made Mention of great Cures perform’d in Italy or Germany by means of Electricity, a Number of …

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Reasons Against Satirizing Religion


To ——– Dear Sir I have read your Manuscrit with some Attention. By the Arguments it contains against the Doctrine of a particular Providence, tho’ you allow a general Providence, you strike at the Foundation of all Religion: For without the Belief of a Providence that takes Cognizance of, guards and guides and may favour …

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A Defense of the Quakers and the Pennsylvania Assembly

Some Account of the late Disputes between the Assembly of Pensylvania, and their present Governor William Denny, Esq; In our Magazine, Vol. xxv. p. 87 Vol. xxvi. p. 28. we have given a very particular account of the disputes between the assembly of Pensylvania and the late Governor Morris, which had exactly the same cause, …

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They Expect Too Much of Me


To Jane Mecom DEAR SISTER, New York, May 30, 1757. I have before me yours of the 9th and 16th instant: I am glad you have resolved to visit sister Dowse oftener; it will be a great comfort to her, to find she is not neglected by you, and your example may, perhaps, be followed …

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Old Folks and Old Trees

To Jane Mecom Dear Sister New York, April 19. 1757 I wrote a few Lines to you yesterday, but omitted to answer yours relating to Sister Douse: As having their own Way, is one of the greatest Comforts of Life, to old People, I think their Friends should endeavour to accommodate them in that, as …

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