I Look’d Round for God’s Judgments

To Jared Ingersoll Dear Sir Philada. Dec. 11. 1762 I thank you for your kind Congratulations. It gives me Pleasure to hear from an old Friend, it will give me much more to see him. I hope therefore nothing will prevent the Journey you propose for next Summer, and the Favour you intend me of …

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Oil and Water


To John Pringle SIR, Philadelphia, Dec. 1, 1762. During our passage to Madeira, the weather being warm, and the cabbin windows constantly open for the benefit of the air, the candles at night flared and run very much, which was an inconvenience. At Madeira we got oil to burn, and with a common glass tumbler …

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Dear SIR, July 20, 1762. I have perused your paper on sound, and would freely mention to you, as you desire it, every thing that appeared to me to need correction: — But nothing of that kind occurs to me, unless it be, where you speak of the air as “the best medium for conveying …

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The Glass Armonica


To Giambatista Beccaria Rev. SIR, London, July 13, 1762. I once promised myself the pleasure of seeing you at Turin, but as that is not now likely to happen, being just about returning to my native country, America, I sit down to take leave of you (among others of my European friends that I cannot …

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A Case in Point

To David Hume Dear Sir, London, May 19. 1762. It is no small Pleasure to me to hear from you that my Paper on the means of preserving Buildings from Damage by Lightning, was acceptable to the Philosophical Society. Mr. Russel’s Proposals of Improvement are very sensible and just. A Leaden Spout or Pipe is …

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