Go Constantly to Church Whoever Preaches

To Sarah Franklin Reedy Island Nov. 8. 1764 My dear Sally, 7 at Night. We got down here just at Sunset, having taken in more live Stock at Newcastle with some other things we wanted. Our good Friends Mr. Galloway, Mr. Wharton, and Mr. James came with me in the Ship from Chester to Newcastle, …

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Petition of the Council and House of Representatives of Massachusetts


The petition of the Council and House of Representatives of his Majesty’s Province of Massachusetts Bay, Most humbly showeth: That the Act passed in the last session of Parliament, entitled ” An act for granting certain duties in the British colonies and plantations in America,” etc., must necessarily bring many burdens upon the inhabitants of …

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The Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and Proved

It is . . . true in fact and experience, as the great, the incomparable Harrington has most abundantly demonstrated in his Oceana and other divine writings, that empire follows the balance of property. ’Tis also certain that property in fact generally confers power, though the possessor of it may not have much more wit …

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So Selfish is the Human Mind


To Peter Collinson Dear Friend, Philada. April 30. 1764 I have before me your kind Notices of Feb. 3. and Feb. 10. Those you enclos’d for our Friend Bartram, were carefully deliver’d. I have not yet seen the Squib you mention against your People, in the Supplement to the Magazine; but I think it impossible …

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The Currency Act of 1764

WHEREAS great quantities of paper bills of credit have been created and issued in his Majesty’s colonies or plantations in America, by virtue of acts, orders, resolutions, or votes of assembly, making and declaring such bills of credit to be legal tender in payment of money: and whereas such bills of credit have greatly depreciated …

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