Learning to Swim

To Oliver Neave Dear SIR, I cannot be of opinion with you that ’tis too late in life for you to learn to swim. The river near the bottom of your garden affords you a most convenient place for the purpose. And as your new employment requires your being often on the water, of which …

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On the Candidacy of Barlow Trecothick


To the PRINTER: I am, Sir, a native of Boston, in New-England, but I do not concern myself in your London election; nor do I believe that any of my countrymen think it of importance to them, whether you choose Alderman T. your representative, or reject him. And yet I hear great clamour, as if …

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A New Version of the Lord’s Prayer

Old Version. New Version, by BF. 1. Our Father which art in Heaven. 1. Heavenly Father, 2. Hallowed be thy Name. 2. May all revere thee, 3. Thy Kingdom come. 3. And become thy dutiful Children and faithful Subjects. 4. Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. 4. May thy Laws …

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At Present I Almost Despair


To ———— DEAR SIR, London, Nov. 28, 1768. I received your obliging favour of the 12th instant. Your sentiments of the importance of the present dispute between Great Britain and the colonies, appear to me extremely just. There is nothing I wish for more than to see it amicably and equitably settled. But Providence will …

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God Governs, and He Is Good

To Mary Stevenson Dear Polley Oct. 28. 1768 I did not receive your Letter of the 26th till I came home late last Night, too late to answer it by the Return of that Post. I see very clearly the Unhappiness of your Situation, and that it does not arise from any Fault in you. …

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