I Hope However That This May All Prove False Prophecy

To William Strahan Dear Sir, Craven Street, Nov. 29. 69 Being just return’d to Town from a little Excursion I find yours of the 22d, containing a Number of Queries that would require a Pamphlet to answer them fully. You however desire only brief Answers, which I shall endeavour to give you. Previous to your …

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The True Sources of Wealth and Plenty


To Timothy Folger Loving Kinsman, London, Sept. 29. 1769 Since my Return from abroad, where I spent part of the Summer, I have received your Favours of June 10 and July 26. The Treasury Board is still under Adjournment, the Lords and Secretaries chiefly in the Country; but as soon as they meet again, you …

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Whoever Scruples Cheating the King Will Certainly Not Wrong His Neighbour

To Mary Stevenson Saturday Evening, Sept 2. 1769 Just come home from a Venison Feast, where I have drank more than a Philosopher ought, I find my dear Polly’s chearful chatty Letter that exhilarates me more than all the Wine. Your good Mother says there is no Occasion for any Intercession of mine in your …

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Affairs are Perhaps Below Notice


To George Whitefield I am under continued apprehensions that we may have bad news from America. The sending soldiers to Boston always appeared to me a dangerous step; they could do no good, they might occasion mischief. When I consider the warm resentment of a people who think themselves injured and oppressed, and the common …

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A Receipt for Making Parmesan Cheese

To John Bartram Dear Friend, London July 9, 1769 It is with great Pleasure I understand by your Favour of April 10. that you continue to enjoy so good a Share of Health. I hope it will long continue. And altho’ it may not now be suitable for you to make such wide Excursions as …

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