This World is the True Hell

To Jane Mecom Dear Sister London Dec. 30. 1770 This Ship staying longer than was expected, gives me an Opportunity of writing to you which I thought I must have miss’d when I desir’d Cousin Williams to excuse me to you. I received your kind Letter of Sept. 25 by the young Gentlemen, who, by …

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The Rise and Present State of Our Misunderstanding


To the PRINTER of the LONDON CHRONICLE. SIR, Much abuse has lately been thrown out against the Colonies, by the Writers for the American part of our Administration. Our Fellow Subjects there are continually represented as Rebels to their Sovereign, and inimical to the British nation; in order to create a dislike of them here, …

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Have You Then Got Ne’er A Grandmother?

To Deborah Franklin My dear Child, London, Oct. 3. 1770 I received your kind Letter of Aug. 16. which gave me a great deal of Satisfaction. I am glad your little Grandson recovered so soon of his Illness, as I see you are quite in Love with him, and your Happiness wrapt up in his; …

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The Cravenstreet Gazette


No. 113 Saturday, Sept. 22. 1770 This Morning Queen Margaret, accompanied by her first Maid of Honour, Miss Franklin, set out for Rochester. Immediately on their Departure, the whole Street was in Tears — from a heavy Shower of Rain. It is whispered that the new Family Administration which took place on her Majesty’s Departure, …

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Hitherto Made No Attempt Upon My Virtue

To Mary Stevenson Hewson Dear Polly, London, July 18. 1770 Yours of the 15th. informing me of your agreable Journey and safe Arrival at Hexham gave me great Pleasure, and would make your good Mother happy if I knew how to convey it to her; but ’tis such an out-of-the-way Place she is gone to, …

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