Alas! Poor Mungo!

To Georgiana Shipley Dear Miss, London, Sept. 26. 1772 I lament with you most sincerely the unfortunate End of poor Mungo: Few Squirrels were better accomplish’d; for he had had a good Education, had travell’d far, and seen much of the World. As he had the Honour of being for his Virtues your Favourite, he …

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Moral or Prudential Algebra


To Joseph Priestley Dear Sir, London Sept. 19. 1772 In the Affair of so much Importance to you, wherein you ask my Advice, I cannot for want of sufficient Premises, advise you what to determine, but if you please I will tell you how. When these difficult Cases occur, they are difficult chiefly because while …

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Rivers Are Ungovernable Things

To Samuel Rhoads Dear Friend, London, Augt. 22. 1772 I think I before acknowledg’d your Favour of Feb. 29. I have since received that of May 30. I am glad my Canal Papers were agreable to you. If any Work of that kind is set on foot in America, I think it would be saving …

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Suppress’d by the Legislature


To Anthony Benezet Dear Friend, London, Augt 22. 1772 I made a little Extract from yours of April 27. of the Number of Slaves imported and perishing, with some close Remarks on the Hypocrisy of this Country which encourages such a detestable Commerce by Laws, for promoting the Guinea Trade, while it piqu’d itself on …

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The Sommersett Case and the Slave Trade

It is said that some generous humane persons subscribed to the expence of obtaining liberty by law for Somerset the Negro. — It is to be wished that the same humanity may extend itself among numbers; if not to the procuring liberty for those that remain in our Colonies, at least to obtain a law …

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