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Prince’s Escape from the Prison Ship

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

October 7.—Yesterday morning, about one o’clock, made their escape from the Good Hope prison-ship, lying in the North River at New York, nine captains and two privates. Among the number was Captain James Prince, who had been confined four months, and having no prospect of being exchanged, concerted a plan in conjunction with the other gentlemen, to make their escape, which they effected in the following manner: They confined the mate, disarmed the sentinels, and hoisted out the boat which was on deck. They brought off nine stand of arms, one pair of pistols, and a sufficient quantity of ammunition, being determined not to be taken alive. They had scarcely got clear of the ship before the alarm was given, when they were fired on by three different ships, but fortunately no person was hurt. Captain Prince speaks in the highest terms of Captain Charles Nelson, who commanded the prison-ship, using the prisoners with a great deal of humanity, and in particular himself.1


1 New Hampshire Gazette, November 2.

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