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Losses at King’s Mountain

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II.  Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859.

The following is a statement of the loss in this battle, as given by Colonels Campbell, Cleveland, and Shelby:—

Of the regulars, one major, one captain, two sergeants, and fifteen privates killed; thirty-five privates wounded, left on the ground unable to march; two captains, four lieutenants, three ensigns, one surgeon, five sergeants, three corporals, one drummer, and forty-nine privates taken prisoners.

Loss of the Tories, two colonels, three captains, and two hundred and one privates killed; one major and one hundred and twenty-seven privates wounded, and left on the ground not able to march; one colonel, twelve captains, eleven lieutenants, two ensigns, one quartermaster, one adjutant, two commissaries, eighteen sergeants, and six hundred privates taken prisoners. Total loss of the enemy, eleven hundred and five men at King’s Mountain.

Given under our hands at Camp,
(Signed)                                                                                        William Campbell,
Isaac Shelby,
Benjn. Cleveland.

The loss on our side was, killed, one colonel, one major, one captain, two lieutenants, four ensigns, nineteen privates—total, twenty-eight. Wounded, one major, three captains, three lieutenants, fifty-three privates. Total sixty-four wounded.

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