Thomas Jefferson’s Second Inaugural Address


Introduction The second inauguration of Mr. Jefferson followed an election under which the offices of President and Vice President were to be separately sought, pursuant to the newly adopted 12th Amendment to the Constitution. George Clinton of New York was elected Vice President. Chief Justice John Marshall administered the oath of office in the Senate …

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Thomas Jefferson on the Ethics of Jesus, the Jews, and the Philosophers

Syllabus of an Estimate of the Merit of the Doctrines of Jesus, compared with those of others. In a comparative view of the Ethics of the enlightened nations of antiquity, of the Jews, and of Jesus, no notice should be taken of the corruptions of reason among the ancients, to wit, the idolatry and superstition …

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Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Rush on Christianity


TO DOCTOR BENJAMIN RUSH. Washington, April 21, 1803. Dear Sir, In some of the delightful conversations with you, in the evenings of 1798-99, and which served as an anodyne to the afflictions of the crisis through which our country was then laboring, the Christian religion was sometimes our topic: and I then promised you, that, …

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Thomas Jefferson’s First Inaugural Address

Introduction Chief Justice John Marshall administered the first executive oath of office ever taken in the new federal city in the new Senate Chamber (now the Old Supreme Court Chamber) of the partially built Capitol building. The outcome of the election of 1800 had been in doubt until late February because Thomas Jefferson and Aaron …

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