Washington and His Comrades: Chapter IV

The Loss of New York Washington’s success at Boston had one good effect. It destroyed Tory influence in that Puritan stronghold. New England was henceforth of a temper wholly revolutionary; and New England tradition holds that what its people think today other Americans think tomorrow. But, in the summer of this year 1776, though no …

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Francis Marion, Chapter I


Birth of Gen. Marion. His Ancestry. First Destination of Going to Sea. Voyage to the West Indies and Shipwreck. His settlement in St. John’s, Berkley. Expedition under Governor Lyttleton. A Sketch of the Attack on Fort Moultrie, 1776. And the Campaign of 1779. FRANCIS MARION was born at Winyaw,1 near Georgetown, South Carolina, in the …

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Attack on Sullivan’s Island

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol I. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. June 29. –Our boys have pretty well thrashed Sir Peter Parker and all his forces. Yesterday morning, an attack was commenced by one of the small vessels of the British fleet, on the fort at Sullivan’s Island, and, notwithstanding …

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