Washington and His Comrades: Chapter VI

The First Great British Disaster John Burgoyne, in a measure a soldier of fortune, was the younger son of an impoverished baronet, but he had married the daughter of the powerful Earl of Derby and was well known in London society as a man of fashion and also as a man of letters, whose plays …

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We are but warriors for the working-day; Our gayness and our guilt are all besmirch’d With rainy marching in the painful field; There’s not a piece of feather in our host (Good argument, I hope, we shall not fly), And time hath worn us into slovenry. But, by the mass, our hearts are in the …

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Battle of Bennington


August 17. –Yesterday is to be remembered on account of a signal victory the militia, under the command of General Stark, obtained over a body of the King’s troops, commanded by Colonel Baum, some account of which is here given by one who was himself in the action. It seems that General Burgoyne had detached …

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