Washington and His Comrades: Chapter VI

The First Great British Disaster John Burgoyne, in a measure a soldier of fortune, was the younger son of an impoverished baronet, but he had married the daughter of the powerful Earl of Derby and was well known in London society as a man of fashion and also as a man of letters, whose plays …

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Jefferson to His Excellency Patrick Henry


Albemarle, March 27, 1779. Sir, A report prevailing here, that in consequence of some powers from Congress, the Governor and Council have it in contemplation to remove the Convention troops, [Burgoyne’s troops captured at Saratoga] either wholly or in part, from their present situation, I take the liberty of troubling you with some observations on …

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Battle of Stillwater

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol I. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. September 20. –Yesterday, about noon, the two armies met near Stillwater, and a most obstinate and bloody battle ensued. The advanced parties of the Americans, which were composed of Morgan’s riflemen and Dearborn’s infantry, received the first fire of …

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