The Continental Army, Chapter VII

Perseverance to Victory The first two years of the War of American Independence witnessed the growth of the Continental Army from a nucleus of New England and New York units patterned after the Provincials of earlier wars into a force with men from every state as well as foreign volunteers. Through those volunteers, particularly Steuben …

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Francis Marion, Chapter III, Campaign of 1781, part 1


The year 1781 commenced under auspices more propitious than those of the last year. The British had exercised so much oppression and rapacity over all those who would not join them, and so much insolence over those who did, and were in the least suspected, that the people of South Carolina found there was no …

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Battle of the Cowpens

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II.  Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. January 17.—This morning, after a very severe action, General Morgan, with a detachment of the southern army, obtained a complete victory over Colonel Tarleton at the Cowpens, with eleven hundred and fifty men, the flower of Cornwallis’s army. Tarleton, …

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Jefferson to His Excellency Gen Washington


Richmond, February 17, 1781. Sir, By a letter from General Greene, dated Guilford Court House, February 10th, we are informed that Lord Cornwallis had burned his own wagons in order to enable himself to move with greater facility, and had pressed immediately on. The prisoners taken at the Cowpens, were happily saved by the accidental …

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Thomas Jefferson to General Horatio Gates

Richmond, February 17, 1781. Dear General, The situation of affairs here and in Carolina is such as must shortly turn up important events, one way or the other. By letter from General Greene, dated Guilford Court House, February the 10th, I learn that Lord Cornwallis, rendered furious by the affair of the Cowpens and the …

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