Henry Laurens Committed to the Tower

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II.  Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. Mr. Laurens was committed to the Tower on the 6th of October. The commitment by the three Secretaries of State, ran thus:— These are, in his Majesty’s name, to authorize you to receive into your custody the person of …

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The Quebec Act of 1774


WHEREAS his Majesty, by his royal proclamation, bearing the date the seventh day of October, in the third year of his reign, thought fit to declare the provisions which have been made in respect to certain countries, territories, and islands in America, ceded to his Majesty by the definitive treaty of peace, concluded at Paris …

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The Quartering Act of 1774

Whereas doubts have been entertained whether troops can be quartered otherwise than in barracks, in case barracks have been provided sufficient for the quartering of all the officers and soldiers within any town, township, city, district, or place within His Majesty’s dominions in North America; and whereas it may frequently happen from the situation of …

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The Boston Port Bill of 1774


WHEREAS dangerous commotions and insurrections have been fomented and raised in the town of Boston, in the province of Massachuset’s Bay, in New England, by divers ill-affected persons, to the subversion of his Majesty’s government, and to the utter destruction of the publick peace, and good order of the said town; in which commotions and …

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The Tea Act of 1773

Preamble An act to allow a drawback of the duties of customs on the exportation of tea to any of his Majesty’s colonies or plantations in America; to increase the deposit on bohea tea to be sold at the India Company’s sales; and to impower the commissioners of the treasury to grant licenses to the …

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