Silence Dogood, No. 5

Mulier Mulieri magis congruet. Ter. To the author of the New England Courant. SIR, I shall here present your Readers with a Letter from one, who informs me that I have begun at the wrong End of my Business, and that I ought to begin at Home, and censure the Vices and Follies of my …

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Silence Dogood, No. 4


An sum etiam nunc vel Graece loqui vel Latine docendus? Cicero.   To the author of the New England Courant. SIR, Discoursing the other Day at Dinner with my Reverend Boarder, formerly mention’d, (whom for Distinction sake we will call by the Name of Clericus,) concerning the Education of Children, I ask’d his Advice about my …

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Silence Dogood, No. 3

To the author of the New England Courant. SIR, It is undoubtedly the Duty of all Persons to serve the Country they live in, according to their Abilities; yet I sincerely acknowledge, that I have hitherto been very deficient in this Particular; whether it was for want of Will or Opportunity, I will not at …

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Silence Dogood, No. 2


To the Author of the New-England Courant. SIR, Histories of Lives are seldom entertaining, unless they contain something either admirable or exemplar: And since there is little or nothing of this Nature in my own Adventures, I will not tire your Readers with tedious Particulars of no Consequence, but will briefly, and in as few …

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