On the Price of Corn, and Management of the Poor

For the LONDON CHRONICLE. To Messieurs the PUBLIC and CO. I am one of that class of people that feeds you all, and at present is abus’d by you all; — in short I am a Farmer. By your News-papers we are told, that God had sent a very short harvest to some other countries …

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Contempt for the Thames


To the Printer of the Public Advertiser. SIR, I am an American Gentleman, and as yet not entirely acquainted with the Customs of my dear Mother Country, and therefore apply to the Public for Information what to do as a Redress of a Grievance I lately met with. Being fond of the Water, I took …

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A Mock Petition to the House of Commons

To the honourable the Knights Citizens and Burgesses of Great Britain in Parliament assembled, The Petition of BF. Agent for the Province of Pensilvania, Most humbly Sheweth, That the Transporting of Felons from England to the Plantations in America, is and hath long been a great Grievance to the said Plantations in general. That the …

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The Frenchman and the Poker


To the PRINTER. It is reported, I know not with what Foundation, that there is an Intention of obliging the Americans to pay for all the Stamps they ought to have used, between the Commencement of the Act, and the Day on which the Repeal takes Place, viz. from the first of November 1765, to …

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On Chastising the Colonies

To the PRINTER. A Certain Judge, at an Assize, declared it from the Bench, as his Opinion, that every man had a legal right to chastise his wife, if she was stubborn and obstinate; but then he observed, that his right ought to be exercised with great lenity and moderation. It seems our Lawyers are …

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