Positions To Be Examined

April 4. 1769 1. All Food or Subsistence for Mankind arise from the Earth or Waters. 2. Necessaries of Life that are not Foods, and all other Conveniencies, have their Values estimated by the Proportion of Food consumed while we are employed in procuring them. 3. A small People with a large Territory may subsist …

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Defense of American Placeholders


To the PRINTER. Your correspondent Machiavel tells us, that “Nothing can be a greater burlesque on Patriotism, than the conduct of the Americans, who affect discontent at being taxed, and therefore not only petition and remonstrate, but are continually writing pamphlets, filling news-papers, and consecrating Trees to Liberty; when, at the same time, many of …

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On the Candidacy of Barlow Trecothick

To the PRINTER: I am, Sir, a native of Boston, in New-England, but I do not concern myself in your London election; nor do I believe that any of my countrymen think it of importance to them, whether you choose Alderman T. your representative, or reject him. And yet I hear great clamour, as if …

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A New Version of the Lord’s Prayer


Old Version. New Version, by BF. 1. Our Father which art in Heaven. 1. Heavenly Father, 2. Hallowed be thy Name. 2. May all revere thee, 3. Thy Kingdom come. 3. And become thy dutiful Children and faithful Subjects. 4. Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. 4. May thy Laws …

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On Sinecures

To the PRINTER of the GAZETTEER AND NEW DAILY ADVERTISER. Great complaints are every day made, that notwithstanding Great Britain has involved herself in a very heavy debt, for the defence of the American colonies in the late war, that now they refuse to pay any part of this debt. On this subject there has …

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