On Civil War

To the Printer of the Public Advertiser. SIR, Threescore Years did the oppressed United Provinces maintain a War in Defence of their Liberties against the then powerful Kingdom of Spain, with all the Wealth of the Indies at it’s Command; and finally obliged it to acknowledge their Independency in a formal Treaty, sitting down with …

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For the London Chronicle. QUERIES recommended to the Consideration of those Gentlemen who are for vigorous Measures with the AMERICANS. 1. Have the Colonists refused to answer any reasonable requisitions made to their Assemblies by the Mother Country? 2. If they have not refused to grant reasonable aids in the way, which they think consistent …

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Phonetic Alphabet

REMARKS o It is endeavoured to give the Alphabet a more natural to Order, beginning first with the simple Sounds form’d huh by the Breath, with none or very little Help of Tongue, Teeth and Lips, and produc’d chiefly in the Windpipe. ish * Then coming forward to those form’d by the gi ing * …

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On the Labouring Poor


SIR, I have met with much invective in the papers for these two years past, against the hard-heartedness of the rich, and much complaint of the great oppressions suffered in this country by the labouring poor. Will you admit a word or two on the other side of the question? I do not propose to …

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Railing and Reviling

To the PRINTER of the GAZETTEER. January 6, 1768. Instead of raving (with your correspondent of yesterday) against the Americans as “diggers of pits for this country,” “lunaticks,” “sworn enemies,” “false,” “ungrateful,” “cut-throats,” &c. which is a treatment of customers that I doubt is not like to bring them back to our shop; I would …

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