Causes of the American Discontents Before 1768

To the PRINTER. The waves never rise but when the winds blow. SIR, As the cause of the present ill-humour in America, and of the Resolutions taken there to purchase less of our manufactures, does not seem to be generally understood, it may afford some satisfaction to your Readers, if you give them the following …

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Subjects of Subjects


Mr. URBAN, Your anonymous correspondent, (See Vol. xxxvii. p. 620.) has declaimed on a subject, which by an unhappy combination of ignorance and obstinacy has become very like a bone of contention between the young and the old provinces of this great common-wealth. It seldom happens in disputes of any kind but that one side …

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American Longevity

To the PRINTER of the LONDON CHRONICLE. SIR, I have often heard it remarked, that our Colonies in North America were unhealthy and unfavourable to long life; and more particularly so upon their first settlement. In opposition to this groundless notion, I here send you two paragraphs taken from the Pensylvania Gazette of July 16, …

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Of Lightning, and the Method (Now Used in America) of Securing Buildings and Persons from Its Mischievous Effects


Experiments made in electricity first gave philosophers a suspicion that the matter of lightning was the same with the electric matter. Experiments afterwards made on lightning obtained from the clouds by pointed rods, received into bottles, and subjected to every trial, have since proved this suspicion to be perfectly well founded; and that whatever properties …

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Right, Wrong, and Reasonable

To the PRINTER of the GAZETTEER. The East India contest, that necessarily took up so much of your paper, being now abated, I hope you will find room for the following answer to the paper intitled, Right, Wrong, and Reasonable, according to American Ideas, inserted in the Gazetteers of March 5, and 9. I flatter …

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