An Act for the More Effectual Keeping of the Colonies Dependent

All the Printers of News Papers in the British Colonies, are requested to publish the following Act of Parliament; which it is said, will be passed the End of the present Session, or the Beginning of the next. “An Act for the more effectual keeping of his Majesty’s American Colonies dependent on the Crown of …

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A Method of Humbling Rebellious American Vassals


To the Printer of the Public Advertiser. SIR, Permit me, thro’ the Channel of your Paper, to convey to the Premier, by him to be laid before his Mercenaries, our Constituents, my own Opinion, and that of many of my Brethren, Freeholders of this imperial Kingdom of the most feasible Method of humbling our rebellious …

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An Open Letter to Lord North

For the Public Advertiser. To Lord NORTH. My LORD, All your small Politicians, who are very numerous in the English Nation, from the patriotic Barber to the patriotic Peer, when big with their Schemes for the Good of poor Old England, imagine they have a Right to give Advice to the Minister, and condemn Administration …

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A War It Will Be


“A War It Will Be” To the Printer of the Publick Ledger Sir, Nothing can equal the present Rage of our Ministerial Writers against our Brethren in America, who have the Misfortune to be Whigs in a Reign when Whiggism is out of Fashion, who are besides Protestant Dissenters and Lovers of Liberty. One may …

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Public Statement on the Hutchinson Letters

To the PRINTER of the LONDON CHRONICLE. SIR, Finding that two Gentlemen have been unfortunately engaged in a Duel, about a transaction and its circumstances of which both of them are totally ignorant and innocent, I think it incumbent on me to declare (for the prevention of farther mischief, as far as such a declaration …

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