There Is No Little Enemy

To David Hartley Philadelphia, Oct. 3, 1775. I wish as ardently as you can do for peace, and should rejoice exceedingly in co-operating with you to that end. But every ship from Britain brings some intelligence of new measures that tend more and more to exasperate; and it seems to me that until you have …

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This is a Harder Nut to Crack than They Imagined


To [Joseph Priestley] Dear Friend, Philadelphia, 7th July, 1775. The Congress met at a time when all minds were so exasperated by the perfidy of General Gage, and his attack on the country people, that propositions of attempting an accommodation were not much relished; and it has been with difficulty that we have carried another …

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You Are Now My Enemy

To William Strahan Mr. Strahan, Philada. July 5. 1775 You are a Member of Parliament, and one of that Majority which has doomed my Country to Destruction. You have begun to burn our Towns, and murder our People. Look upon your Hands! They are stained with the Blood of your Relations! You and I were …

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Flame on New Jersey Rivers


To Joseph Priestley Dear Sir, Craven Street, April 10, 1774. In compliance with your request, I have endeavoured to recollect the circumstances of the American experiments I formerly mentioned to you, of raising a flame on the surface of some waters there. When I passed through New Jersey in 1764, I heard it several times …

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My Supposed Application to Mr. Grenville

To Josiah Tucker Reverend Sir, London, Feb. 26, 1774. I thank you for the Frankness with which you have communicated to me the Particulars of the Information you had received relating to my supposed Application to Mr. Grenville for a Place in the American Stamp-Office. As I deny that either your former or later Informations …

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