Nothing Can Be Farther from the Truth

To Josiah Tucker Reverend Sir, London, Feb. 12, 1774. Being informed by a Friend that some severe Strictures on my Conduct and Character had appeared in a new Book published under your respectable Name, I purchased and read it. After thanking you sincerely for those Parts of it that are so instructive on Points of …

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Oil on Water


To William Brownrigg Dear Sir, London, Nov. 7, 1773. Our Correspondence might be carried on for a Century with very few Letters, if you were as apt to procrastinate as myself. Tho’ an habitual Sinner, I am now quite ashamed to observe, that this is to be an Answer to your Favour of January last. …

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Transfer Prints on Tiles

To Peter P. Burdett Sir, London, Nov. 3, 1773. I was much pleased with the Specimens you so kindly sent me, of your new Art of Engraving. That on the China is admirable. No one would suppose it any thing but Painting. I hope you meet with all the Encouragement you merit, and that the …

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I’ll Be Hanged if This Is Not Some of Your American Jokes upon Us


To William Franklin DEAR SON, London, October 6, 1773. I wrote to you on the 1st of last month, since which I have received yours of July 29, from New York. I know not what letters of mine governor H. could mean, as advising the people to insist on their independency. But whatever they were, …

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Causes of Colds

To Benjamin Rush Dear Sir, London, July 14. 1773. I received your Favour of May 1. with the Pamphlet for which I am obliged to you. It is well written. I hope in time that the Friends to Liberty and Humanity will get the better of a Practice that has so long disgrac’d our Nation …

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