Francis Marion, Personal Correspondence

I have re-organized this section into 6 separate articles to make it a little easier to read and to find information. General Francis Marion’s personal correspondence: 1780 January 1781 February 1781 March 1781 April 1781 May-June 1781 Be Historical and share! Tweet

Maj. Keating Simons on Gen. Francis Marion

The following letter from Major Keating Simons, was received too late to be inserted either in the body, or in a note to this work, although it contains one of the finest traits of the character of Gen. Marion. — Major Muller and Major Simons acted as brigade majors to the general, and both were …

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Dr. Robert Brownfield on the Waxhaw Massacre

From the Appendix of A Sketch of the Life of Brigadier General Francis Marion, and A History of His Brigade by William Dobein James. The following is the letter of Dr. Robert Brownfield to the author, giving a detailed account of the defeat of Buford’s regiment, referred to at page 39. Dear Sir, In obedience …

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