Intrepidity of Mrs Israel

During the Revolution, Israel Israel, a true whig and a worthy farmer, residing on the banks of the Delaware, near Wilmington, was, for a short time, a prisoner on board the frigate Roebuck, directly opposite his own house and land. While thus situated, it was reported by some loyalists by whose treachery he had been …

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Thomas Jefferson to Ezra Stiles Ely


Monticello June 25, 19. Your favor Sir. of the 14th has been duly recieved, and with it the book you were so kind as to forward to me. for this mark of attention be pleased to accept my thanks. the science of the human mind is curious, but it is one on which I have …

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James Madison to Mordecai M. Noah

Montpellier, May 15: 1818 Sir I have recd. your letter of the 6th. with the eloquent discourse delivered at the Consecration of the Jewish Synagogue. Having ever regarded the freedom of religious opinions & worship as equally belonging to every sect, & the secure enjoyment of it as the best human provision for bringing all …

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Mordecai M. Noah to James Madison


New York May 6 1818 Dear sir, I take the liberty to enclose to you a Discourse delivered at the consecration of the Jewish Synagogue in this City1, under the fullest persuasion, that it cannot but be gratifying to you, to perceive this portion of your fellow Citizens, enjoying an equality of privileges in this …

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A Preacher to President James Madison

From a Preacher of the Everlasting Gospel, Massachusetts June 4 1815. to all christian Rulers, Greeting. As Christians you all Profess to be upon an equality with all other men, inasmuch as you rest your hopes for eternal life in the world to come, upon the Grace of God revealed in his son Jesus Christ. …

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