On the Labouring Poor

SIR, I have met with much invective in the papers for these two years past, against the hard-heartedness of the rich, and much complaint of the great oppressions suffered in this country by the labouring poor. Will you admit a word or two on the other side of the question? I do not propose to …

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Subjects of Subjects


Mr. URBAN, Your anonymous correspondent, (See Vol. xxxvii. p. 620.) has declaimed on a subject, which by an unhappy combination of ignorance and obstinacy has become very like a bone of contention between the young and the old provinces of this great common-wealth. It seldom happens in disputes of any kind but that one side …

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A Defense of the Quakers and the Pennsylvania Assembly

Some Account of the late Disputes between the Assembly of Pensylvania, and their present Governor William Denny, Esq; In our Magazine, Vol. xxv. p. 87 Vol. xxvi. p. 28. we have given a very particular account of the disputes between the assembly of Pensylvania and the late Governor Morris, which had exactly the same cause, …

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