The Battle of Camden, Bibliography

BIBLIOGRAPHY1 SOURCE MATERIAL ANALYZED SPARKS, JARED (1835. Boston). The Writings of George Washington. SPARKS, JARED (1853. Boston). Correspondence of the Revolution. Letters to Washington. CONTINENTAL CONGRESS (1780). Journals of the Continental Congress. ROSS, CHARLES (1859. London). Correspondence of Charles, First Marquis Cornwallis. TARLETON, BANASTRE (1787. London). A History of the Campaigns of 1780 and 1781, …

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The Battle of Camden, Part 2


PART IIBRITISH PLANS TO SUBJUGATE THE SOUTHERN PROVINCES—BATTLE OF CAMDEN, S. C., AUGUST 16,1780THE BRITISH RAISE PROVINCIAL CORPS AND MILITIAWhen General Clinton and Admiral Arbuthnot departed from Charleston on the 5th day of June, to return to New York, General Cornwallis was left in command of the British expeditionary force in South Carolina. His headquarters …

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Washington and His Comrades: Chapter X

France to the Rescue During 1778 and 1779 French effort had failed. Now France resolved to do something decisive. She never sent across the sea the eight thousand men promised to La Fayette but by the spring of 1780 about this number were gathered at Brest to find that transport was inadequate. The leader was …

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Washington and His Comrades: Chapter II


Boston and Quebec Washington was not a professional soldier, though he had seen the realities of war and had moved in military society. Perhaps it was an advantage that he had not received the rigid training of a regular, for he faced conditions which required an elastic mind. The force besieging Boston consisted at first …

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Dr. Robert Brownfield on the Waxhaw Massacre

From the Appendix of A Sketch of the Life of Brigadier General Francis Marion, and A History of His Brigade by William Dobein James. The following is the letter of Dr. Robert Brownfield to the author, giving a detailed account of the defeat of Buford’s regiment, referred to at page 39. Dear Sir, In obedience …

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