Thomas Jefferson to Ben Franklin in Paris

Virginia, August 13, 1777. Honorable Sir, I forbear to write you news, as the time of Mr. Shore’s departure being uncertain, it might be old before you receive it, and he can, in person, possess you of all we have. With respect to the State of Virginia in particular, the people seem to have laid …

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Tea Troubles at Fishkill


From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol I. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. August 14. –Yesterday, a number of women belonging to Fishkill, in Duchess county, New York, collected together in order to purchase some tea of Alderman Lefferts, of New York, as he had a large quantity of it there, which …

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Silence Dogood, No. 10

Optime societas hominum servabitur. Cic. To the author of the New England Courant. SIR, Discoursing lately with an intimate Friend of mine of the lamentable Condition of Widows, he put into my Hands a Book, wherein the ingenious Author proposes (I think) a certain Method for their Relief. I have often thought of some such …

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