The Battle of Camden, Part I

PART IAN AMERICAN ARMY ORGANIZED TO RECOVER THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA FROM BRITISH SUBJUGATIONREVIEW OF MILITARY CONDITIONS IN THE UNITED STATES IN 1780The principal battle grounds of the first four years of the War for Independence, waged by the thirteen Colonies against the mother country, were located in the Northern States, following which period, …

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Washington and His Comrades: Chapter VI


The First Great British Disaster John Burgoyne, in a measure a soldier of fortune, was the younger son of an impoverished baronet, but he had married the daughter of the powerful Earl of Derby and was well known in London society as a man of fashion and also as a man of letters, whose plays …

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The Passion of Captain Croak

On the 3d Inst. arrived here the Rose, of London, Capt. Croak Commander, from whom we have the following Relation, viz. That on the 17th of June last, being on his Voyage from Newfoundland to this Port, and in the Latitude of 41 Deg. N. and 48 Deg. of Longitude, he espied a Sail that made Signals of Distress; …

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