Washington and His Comrades: Chapter XI

Yorktown The critical stroke of the war was near. In the South, after General Greene superseded Gates in the command, the tide of war began to turn. Cornwallis now had to fight a better general than Gates. Greene arrived at Charlotte, North Carolina, in December. He found an army badly equipped, wretchedly clothed, and confronted …

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Jefferson to Jay Regarding Debt, Postal Service, and Musket Technology


TO JOHN JAY. Paris, August 30,1785. Sir, I had the honor of writing to you on the 14th instant, by a Mr. Cannon of Connecticut, who was to sail in the packet. Since that date yours of July the 13th has come to hand. The times for the sailing of the packets being somewhat deranged, …

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Bombardment of Stonington Harbor

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol I. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. August 31. –Yesterday morning a tender chased into Stonington harbor two small sloops, which had a number of people on board bound to Block Island. They had but just time to get on shore before the tender came in, …

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Causes of the American Discontents Before 1768


To the PRINTER. The waves never rise but when the winds blow. SIR, As the cause of the present ill-humour in America, and of the Resolutions taken there to purchase less of our manufactures, does not seem to be generally understood, it may afford some satisfaction to your Readers, if you give them the following …

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