The Continental Army, Chapter V

An Army for the War: 1777 Most Continental enlistments expired on 31 December 1776. Congress and Washington hoped to avoid a recurrence of the problems of the previous winter by beginning their preparations for reorganizing the Continental Army during the early fall of 1776. Profiting from that earlier experience, they not only started sooner but …

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George Washington


The brilliant historian of the English people* has written of Washington, that “no nobler figure ever stood in the fore-front of a nation’s life.” In any book which undertakes to tell, no matter how slightly, the story of some of the heroic deeds of American history, that noble figre must always stand in the fore-front. …

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Francis Marion, Chapter IV, Campaign of 1782

The military history of this year, is not remarkable for any great events; but the most material of these happened in the brigade of Marion. As they are not altogether of a pleasant nature, it appears to have been the wish of many to bury them in oblivion, and therefore some of them have been …

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Francis Marion, Chapter III, Campaign of 1781, part 2


Col. Watson was considered by the British one of their best partisans; yet we have seen how he was foiled. Had his regiment attempted, as was no doubt intended, to ford the river at the lower bridge, they would have found the passage narrow, and the river at that time deep; or had he undertaken …

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Federalist No 22, Other Defects, Continued

From the New York Packet Friday, December 14, 1787 To the People of the State of New York: IN ADDITION to the defects already enumerated in the existing federal system, there are others of not less importance, which concur in rendering it altogether unfit for the administration of the affairs of the Union. The want …

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