Washington and His Comrades: Chapter VII

Washington and His Comrades at Valley Forge Washington had met defeat in every considerable battle at which he was personally present. His first appearance in military history, in the Ohio campaign against the French, twenty-two years before the Revolution, was marked by a defeat, the surrender of Fort Necessity. Again in the next year, when …

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Annotations on the King’s Speech


From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. February 11.—A writer in the New Jersey Gazette of this date, gives the following annotations upon “his most gracious Majesty of most gracious Great Britain’s most gracious speech:”1 “It is a great satisfaction to me that I can have …

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The Boston Tea Party

The tea destroyed was contained in three ships, lying near each other at what was called at that time Griffin’s wharf, and were surrounded by armed ships of war, the commanders of which had publicly declared that if the rebels, as they were pleased to style the Bostonians, should not withdraw their opposition to the …

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