The Continental Army, Chapter V

An Army for the War: 1777 Most Continental enlistments expired on 31 December 1776. Congress and Washington hoped to avoid a recurrence of the problems of the previous winter by beginning their preparations for reorganizing the Continental Army during the early fall of 1776. Profiting from that earlier experience, they not only started sooner but …

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The Battle of Trenton


And such they are–and such they will be found: Not so Leonidas and Washington, Their every battle-field is holy ground Which breathes of nations saved, not worlds undone. How sweetly on the ear such echoes sound! While the mere victor’s may appal or stun The servile and the vain, such names will be A watchword …

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Reasons for the Defeat at Savannah

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II.  Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. The following are some of the reasons that have been assigned why the assault on Savannah did not succeed, viz.: First. The enemy had a much more numerous garrison than had been represented, being said to consist of about …

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