The Continental Army, Chapter IV

An Army Truly Continental: Expanding Participation While the Continental Army in the north took shape in 1776, the colonies to the south also turned to military preparations. The process began, much as it had in New England, with the formation of forces by revolutionary governments to oppose British threats in the immediate vicinity of each …

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Francis Marion, Introduction


  A. S. Salley’s Introduction to the 1948 edition But for an accident General Francis Marion probably would not have been the hero of the Revolution that he became. In June, 1775, the Provincial Congress of South Carolina, the extra-legal body of the revolting people of the province, organized three regiments of regular troops in …

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Jefferson to Washington on the Ransom of Prisoners from Pirates

28 Dec. 1790 The Secretary of State, having had under Consideration the Situation of the Citizens of the United States in Captivity at Algiers, makes the following Report thereupon to the President of the United States. When the House of Representatives, at their late Session, were pleased to refer to the Secretary of State, the …

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Federalist No 30, Concerning the General Power of Taxation


From the New York Packet Friday, December 28, 1787 To the People of the State of New York: IT HAS been already observed that the federal government ought to possess the power of providing for the support of the national forces; in which proposition was intended to be included the expense of raising troops, of …

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Campbell’s Cherokee Expedition

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II.  Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. January 15.—The North Carolina boys have returned from the expedition against the Cherokees crowned with success. Colonel Arthur Campbell, who commanded them, in his report to Mr. Jefferson, dated this day, gives the following, circumstantial account of their experience: …

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