Washington and His Comrades: Chapter VIII

The Alliance with France and its Results Washington badly needed aid from Europe, but there every important government was monarchical and it was not easy for a young republic, the child of revolution, to secure an ally. France tingled with joy at American victories and sorrowed at American reverses, but motives were mingled and perhaps …

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Federalist No 55, The Total Number of the House of Representatives


For the Independent Journal Wednesday, February 13, 1788 To the People of the State of New York: THE number of which the House of Representatives is to consist, forms another and a very interesting point of view, under which this branch of the federal legislature may be contemplated. Scarce any article, indeed, in the whole …

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Affairs in Charleston, S.C.

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II.  Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. February 15.—The following sketch of the present situation of affairs in Charleston, South Carolina, is communicated by Colonel John Laurens:—”The British army, said to be under the command of Sir Henry Clinton,1 are distributed on Port Royal Island, John’s …

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On Chastising the Colonies


To the PRINTER. A Certain Judge, at an Assize, declared it from the Bench, as his Opinion, that every man had a legal right to chastise his wife, if she was stubborn and obstinate; but then he observed, that his right ought to be exercised with great lenity and moderation. It seems our Lawyers are …

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