Washington and His Comrades: Chapter VIII

The Alliance with France and its Results Washington badly needed aid from Europe, but there every important government was monarchical and it was not easy for a young republic, the child of revolution, to secure an ally. France tingled with joy at American victories and sorrowed at American reverses, but motives were mingled and perhaps …

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Jefferson to His Excellency Gen Washington


Richmond, February 17, 1781. Sir, By a letter from General Greene, dated Guilford Court House, February 10th, we are informed that Lord Cornwallis had burned his own wagons in order to enable himself to move with greater facility, and had pressed immediately on. The prisoners taken at the Cowpens, were happily saved by the accidental …

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Thomas Jefferson to General Horatio Gates

Richmond, February 17, 1781. Dear General, The situation of affairs here and in Carolina is such as must shortly turn up important events, one way or the other. By letter from General Greene, dated Guilford Court House, February the 10th, I learn that Lord Cornwallis, rendered furious by the affair of the Cowpens and the …

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