The Continental Army, Chapter IV

An Army Truly Continental: Expanding Participation While the Continental Army in the north took shape in 1776, the colonies to the south also turned to military preparations. The process began, much as it had in New England, with the formation of forces by revolutionary governments to oppose British threats in the immediate vicinity of each …

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Francis Marion, Chapter IV, Campaign of 1782


The military history of this year, is not remarkable for any great events; but the most material of these happened in the brigade of Marion. As they are not altogether of a pleasant nature, it appears to have been the wish of many to bury them in oblivion, and therefore some of them have been …

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Francis Marion, Introduction

  A. S. Salley’s Introduction to the 1948 edition But for an accident General Francis Marion probably would not have been the hero of the Revolution that he became. In June, 1775, the Provincial Congress of South Carolina, the extra-legal body of the revolting people of the province, organized three regiments of regular troops in …

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Federalist No 62, The Senate


For the Independent Journal Wednesday, February 27, 1788 To the People of the State of New York: HAVING examined the constitution of the House of Representatives, and answered such of the objections against it as seemed to merit notice, I enter next on the examination of the Senate. The heads into which this member of …

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