The Continental Army, Chapter II

The Continental Army: Washington and the Continental Congress Formation of a New England army in the first months after Lexington marked the first phase in the military struggle with England, but even as the regional army gathered before Boston, a significant step in the creation of a national force was being taken in Philadelphia. The …

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Affairs in Jersey – Howe’s Movements in Jersey


From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol I. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. June 30. –On Sunday morning, the 22d, the British left Brunswick, in Jersey, apparently with an intention to embark; they gave out that they were going to Philadelphia by water, but their real design was to draw General Washington …

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The Quebec Act of 1774

WHEREAS his Majesty, by his royal proclamation, bearing the date the seventh day of October, in the third year of his reign, thought fit to declare the provisions which have been made in respect to certain countries, territories, and islands in America, ceded to his Majesty by the definitive treaty of peace, concluded at Paris …

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